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Many crafters resort to arranging their supplies in multiple organizers. It also seems like a temporary solution. As your supplies Craft Storage Cabinetsgrow, you continually need another compartment, bin, drawer or cart. It doesn’t offer the best solution.

One option is to look for craft storage cabinets. These can be moved but most are more permanent solutions. They can look good with your furniture and not look out-of-place in your living room, den, or office.

Before you purchase a cabinet, be sure to measure the room that you want to place the unit. Do you need to rearrange furniture to make it fit? You’ll also want to make sure that the storage matches your existing decorating style. You won’t feel good about finally organizing your supplies, if the cabinet looks out of place in your home.

This page starts with a small storage unit, one that’s easily portable. It also lists some of the best-selling and popular cabinets for those who need substantial storage furniture. You’ll love the selections that combine workspace and storage – a great option for serious crafters.

Stack-On DS-39 39 Drawer Storage Cabinet

There are 30 medium sized drawers, which can hold all the tiny odds and ends. You can use them for buttons, screws, washers, erasers, stickers and more. On the bottom tray, there are 9 large bins, which can store larger items. Those are handy for spools of thread, paint tubes, wood blocks and more.

Each drawer has a see-through window, so you can spot what you need right away. There’s a small handle for each drawer and a stopper, so the bin doesn’t slide completely out of the unit. As a smaller unit, you can add this to your desk, another Stack On unit, or folded out of the way in your closet. You can use the storage on your work desk or mount it on a wall to save space.



Beldin Mobile Sewing Desk – Walnut Color – Walnut

This unit offers both a nice table top workplace and a set of drawers for easy storage. The pretty Walnut brown desk is portable with six, easy-to-use casters. You can easily move the desk from room to room, in case you need to pull it from a stored area to a bigger room.

There are three drawers on the right hand side, which will hold a variety of supplies. You’ll have two medium sized drawers and a larger bottom drawer to hold patterns, paper, albums, paint and other tools. The top is easy-to-clean. If you’re short on space, don’t worry. The table folds down, so it becomes a small drawer cabinet.

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Cinnamon Cherry Craft and Mobile Sewing Cart Cinnamon Cherry Finish

You can use this cart to store sewing or craft supplies. It offers plenty of shelves and drawers to hold a variety of materials. Inside, you’ll find two bins on the left side for smaller items. The roll open door also holds two adjustable shelves. The right side also offers a hidden shelf, which can be used to hold heavier items, such as a sewing machine.

The top is heat, scratch and stain resistant, so you can work on crafts without worry. If you want extra work space, you’ll be happy to see it also includes a drop leaf. When you close the doors, the Cherry finished cabinet looks like a pretty end table. You can easily place this in any room of your house for a stylish look to your storage.



Craft / Sewing Machine Cabinet Storage Armoire Organizer Drop Leaf Table – Shipping Center Paper / Cloth and more!

Do you have a room dedicated to your craft? This armoire would make the perfect organizer! You can arrange your supplies on a variety of shelves and drawers, plus a fold out leaf extension makes an instant work area. It will fit in with your other furniture, as it’s a sturdy piece of furniture itself. The doors fold open to reveal 8 top shelves, which are adjustable to fit your needs.

The center offers an electric strip with two outlets, so you can easily plug in your sewing machine, glue gun, lamp, or other electrical tools. The bottom shelf pulls out to store heavier items, such as a sewing machine. The drop leaf extends outward to make another place to work on your crafts or set up the machine.

When you’re finished, the table folds up inside the unit, and the doors close with magnetic tabs. It’s all hidden away until the next day. The armoire is an antique white and will look nice in a dedicated craft room, extra bedroom, or corner of your living room.

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Venture Horizon Project Center Desk with 2 Bookcase Sides Color – Black

Here’s a great option for the serious crafter. This project center will look lovely in any room, plus offers a huge work table and side bookcases to hold your supplies. This black colored table features a large work station, as the table top measures over 15 square feet. That’s plenty of room to set up your projects and arrange all your supplies where you can reach them.

Two sides feature bookcases. There are 9 cubbies on each bookcase, and you can arrange the shelves to fit different size tools. If you want to hide some of the messier materials, you can purchase woven or wood baskets to fit on the shelf cubbies. You will need to assemble this center, but it will make a great storage and work place solution.




If you are serious about your crafting then one of these Craft Storage Cabinets is going to provide you with everything you could want! Which one will you choose?

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