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Pets are some of the most special things in the world because they’re lovable, fun companions and are just as much part of the family Pet Scrapbook Ideas and Albumsas any human member. It doesn’t matter whether you have a cat or a dog or more peculiar varieties like a tarantula or an iguana; pets are pets and owners simply adore them.

That’s why a considerable amount of individuals include their pets in pictures like family portraits, candid photos and “pelfies” which are owners taking selfies with their pets.

Some even take the time to create an entire album exclusively featuring their awesome pet. If you like to scrapbook and are thinking of doing something like this for your pet then here are some pet scrapbook ideas you might want to try.

Pet Birthday Celebrations

Almost everyone loves to celebrate birthdays and the great thing about them is that everyone and every pet have them. Maybe it’s your puppy’s first birthday or your snake has reached its 5 year milestone and you want to celebrate it with a party.

Take a lot of pictures of your pet during the party, make a pet-friendly cake, put a party hat on them, document them playing with their new toy; basically anything that signifies a celebration of their life. Birthdays are fun no matter who they’re for, plus they present you with plenty of photo opportunities.

Growing Old(er) Together

If you’ve been good about taking a picture of your pet throughout the years, then you should have a pretty good collection of photographs documenting them growing older, getting bigger and sometimes even fatter. Choose a photo from each year or month and place them in chronological order from oldest to most recently taken. It’s a great way to display how much your pet has grown and changed over the years.

Happy Holidays

Some owners can’t help but to take the opportunity to dress up their pets for the holidays. Whether you’re dressing them in a witch costume on Halloween, making them wear a Santa’s hat during Christmas celebrations or putting bunny ears on them on Easter; all of these are photo worthy moments that definitely belong on the pages of a scrapbook. Gather all the photos of your pet wearing any kind of headpiece or clothing and put it in your album with a theme of “The Many Looks of (insert name of pet)”.

Everyday Moments

There’s nothing like spending your days with your pet by your side, in your hand, or looking at them through a glass aquarium. Those times are as memorable as they are peaceful and comforting. Take pictures of your pet doing everyday things like napping, sitting, eating, or playing and dedicate the pages of an album to those special moments.

Outdoor Adventures

Are you the type who likes to take your pet outdoors or maybe they come along on day trips as well as long vacations? If so, then you’re in luck when it comes to outdoor and travel themed scrapbook paper and embellishments.

Place your pet’s pictures on backgrounds of pine trees and blue skies, green hills and riverbeds, a field of flowers, the open road and so many more. Use road signs stickers and park sign cut outs to decorate your pages. You can also insert images of parks you’ve visited, campgrounds and cities your pet has traveled to by using pamphlets, brochure or magazine cutouts.

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